Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Announcement details

I hope you enjoyed Hellfire Publishing’s first Blog and Facebook party combo. Our next one will be a Halloween bash on October 15, 2011, Holiday bash will be held on November 12, 2011.

Hey there readers and writers! Tell your friends, reading and writing groups that Hellfire Publishing has four anthologies debuting later this year. There will be two Romance and two horror and all four will most likely go into print. A portion of all publisher proceeds for all four anthos will go to Relay for Life through our 100 Birthday’s Campaign in the name of your loved one that passed on from cancer or beat it! Starting with my Grandmother, Gloria Brady who died from lung cancer last fall. There is also my mother in law Sharon Miles and her sister Eileen Albee, who both survived breast cancer and their dear Mother Laverne Dobish who sadly lost her battle with cancer. I would like to see you and yours, live to see one hundred birthday’s.

We have started a blog; please comment with the name of your loved one to be included when we make our donation to Relay for Life. You don’t have to give or buy anything, to post the name of a loved one. Just post their name in a comment and we will add it to our blog and Facebook wall. Please let us know if they are survivors or died from cancer.


One Hundred Birthday's Campaign

Our winter scene symbolizes this winter 2011/2012, when we can give a big fat  check to Relay for Life in honor of our loved ones that haven’t made it to 100 birthdays, but maybe, just maybe, we can help the future generations to live a long life and our hope, goal and mission is to one day also see less evasive treatments. There is a donation button that will go directly to Relay for Life.  Lastly you can simply buy one of the upcoming Hellfire Publishing’s anthology’s. Knowing that while you are reading and enjoying our stories, that that you are doing your part in honoring your family, other families and helping to save humanity.

One hundred Birthdays is a three prong approach.
We will use sales from our anthologies to make a donation to Relay for Life
We will honor those that beat it, are battling it and those who died, from this awful disease.
And we will take donations to be added in to the donation to relay for life.

 Debuting October 31st in celebration of Halloween, we will be releasing one horror and one paranormal romance anthology, The Crimson Chronicles (Paranormal) and Up Close and Evil (horror). December 1st we will be releasing one horror and one romance anthology, Holiday in Hell (Horror) and Holiday Spice (Hot Romance).

Writers: I do apologize however we are very busy and aren’t able to book match or shuffle stories so it is imperative that you choose the right Anthology for your story.

General Submission Criteria. The information listed below applies to all of the anthologies. Please look at the anthology requirements for the one you are submitting and apply that in addition to this criteria as well.

Deadline for The Crimson Chronicles (Paranormal Romance) and Up Close and Evil (horror) is September 15, 2011, please submit as soon as possible.

Deadline for Holiday in Hell, (Horror) and Holiday Spice (Romance) is October 15, 2011

Manuscript Submissions must be between 2,000 to 20,000 words. As always, if you are over or under you may query.

Submission Criteria for the The Crimson Chronicles (Paranormal)

The only criteria for this anthology is that the main lifeblood of the story, so to speak, is paranormal romance. High heat levels are welcome, but will be in the back of the book and marked. So please let us know when you query.

Submission criteria for Up Close and Evil (Horror)

These stories must be Halloween themed and have strong horror elements. Sex, gore and violence are welcome.

Submission criteria for Holiday Spice

Hot, spicy and romantic holidays tales. These entries require at least one full out sex scene and must be Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s themed.

Submission criteria for Holiday in Hell

These stories must be Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s themed and have strong horror elements. Sex, gore and violence are welcome.


Payment will be made quarterly starting four months after the initial release of anthology.

Authors will be paid 5% of cover price.

We are also open to all general submissions of ANYTHING fiction. However we are hot for erotica and romance.


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  1. I started working on a story for the The Crimson Chronicles, last night after the grands went to sleep. Horror/ubber paranormal/erotic romance...and my form of thrilling excitement. ;)'When The Earth Shook' ... You knew I would jump on this..LOL

    As soon as I am finished with that I will put my hand to writing a spooky Upclose and Evil tale. ;)Yeah, that one is already running through my brain!

    Now coming up with a really warped/erotic Christmas tale will be a challenge...but one I look forward too. I may not get in any of the anthologies...but I am going to have a blast trying..LOL

    Absolutely LOVE this whole idea/plan and hope I get in so I can be a part of donating to a great cause!!!