Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome to Hellfire Publishing's One Hundred Birthday's Campaign.

Welcome to Hellfire Publishing's One Hundred Birthday's Campaign.

This is our official dedication wall! Please comment with the names of your loved ones that are battling, survived or passed on from this horrible disease. Or you may post on the Facebook listed below.

I will start the honor ball rolling! Starting with my Grandmother, Gloria Brady who died from lung cancer, last fall and my mother in law Sharon Miles and her sister Eileen Albee, Gayle Gawlik survivor who both survived breast cancer and their dear Mother Laverne Dobish who lost her battle with cancer. I would like to see survivors and the rest of the world live to see one hundred birthday’s.

We have started a campaign called 100 Birthday's and there will be more info available shortly. But please like our Facebook page and please list people close to you that survived or lost their life to this horrible disease on there so we may honor them and list their names when we make our donation to the American Cancer Society.

If you would like to honor your loved ones please send photos, poems and blogs to

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  1. Josefina (1941-2009) May you rest in peace...