Friday, August 5, 2011

Robin Renee Ray

Robin Renee Ray is a writer dedicated to this cause...

I started working on a story for the The Crimson Chronicles, last night after the grands went to sleep. Horror/ubber paranormal/erotic romance...and my form of thrilling excitement. ;)'When The Earth Shook' ... You knew I would jump on this..LOL

As soon as I am finished with that I will put my hand to writing a spooky Upclose and Evil tale. ;)Yeah, that one is already running through my brain!

Now coming up with a really warped/erotic Christmas tale will be a challenge...but one I look forward too. I may not get in any of the anthologies...but I am going to have a blast trying..LOL

Absolutely LOVE this whole idea/plan and hope I get in so I can be a part of donating to a great cause!!!

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